A take on the 5 Myths of Marketing Automation by Hubspot

I have recently joined the Hubspot “Inbound Insiders” blog and very fast I have bumped into an intriguing article on 5 Dangerous Myth about Marketing Automation.

I definitely agree with all 5 five them, but the 3rd one really hit me. It states that Marketing Automation is lazy. Working with such topic I can, on the one hand, understand why it may look like it, but on the other hand I see how much work goes into this.

I believe that Marketing Automation (MA) was brought to life simply by the increasing demand of customers. Wanting to get better targetted offers? Special treatment? Something just for you? It all boils down to a complex system to tweak.

When it comes to customer requirements I think there are three factors, which have increased heavily in the recent years, that call for a ‘not-so-lazy’ MA:

Variety: Everyone wants something personalized, something just for them, specifically targetted. The fun thing is that this expectation never stops increasing, so you need drill deeper and deeper to be able to cater for ever smaller/granular segments. 

Velocity: Today’s customers do not like to wait, especially when it comes to shopping online. So marketers are granted with less and less time every day to respond to a customer request. Help is definitely needed here to keep up. 

Pace of change: If things would be constant, it would still be possible to sort of stay lazy. But they are not. So marketers need to keep tweeking all those settings, segments and offers they are managing.

The combination of these 3 effects make sure that no marketer can be lazy. Now, this is not to complain, it makes all the fun in this job 🙂

Last, as a food for thought, a very light graph for you to see the slowly, but steadily rising interest towards marketing automation, through the lens of Google Trends:

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