10 Business Intelligence trends to watch out for in 2015

10 Business Intelligence trends to watch out for in 2015

End of 2014, like every end of year, was not short in predictions on what to expect from the year ahead. The Tableau blog publishes the 10 Business Intelligence trends which they believe will be impacting the next year (like they did forĀ 2014) and they have done so about 2015 just about a month ago. While I encourage you to go ahead and check out all 10 predictions, there are a few which I would like to comment on.

Just to get you started, the essence of the predicted trends can be found in the Slideshare presentation below:

Top 10 business intelligence trends for 2015 from Tableau Software

Now that we are on the same understanding, I would like to highlight you the 4 trends which I also really believe and the ones which I think will really start to add value to business:

Analytics emerge across the organization

Indeed, and it will also transform the organization, break down the silos and impact decision making and operational processes. There are some departments who are spearheading these days the analytics “revolution”, like marketing, finance, risk management, etc. but there definitely are more opportunities out there. I’m slightly sceptical that this trend will come to a fruition during 2015, but the thinking about this aspect will hopefully become mainstream.

Cloud Analytics isn’t just for cloud data anymore

Merging multiple data sources will be a never ending issue, but I believe that the natural next step is to remove the barriers between “offline” and “cloud” data and integrate the most common sources of data. The evolution of cloud analytics tools, with the availability of distributed and abundant computing power calls for better utilization through channelling in more data, even from traditional data warehouses.

Conversations with data replace static dashboards

“Playing” with data and charts should start to become a second nature to end users. This requires quite some education, but frankly, there is so much data and so many ways and angles to display it that it is becoming increasingly difficult to satisfy everyones needs, so yes, play with the dashboard, ask questions to the data you can answer yourself!

Smart Analytics begin the emerge

This simply means: predictive analytics is being used by business users. Sort of the next level for self service BI, when simple predictive algorithms can be applied by the end user, without actually knowing the statistical details behind the scenes. This is something I really believe in and hope will truly spread, because so many times I see that business users struggle to gain actionable insights from traditional BI approaches.

Do you think these predictions will come true? Do you believe this is where BI is heading? Let me know in the comments!

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