Marketing Technology Landscape supergraphic for 2015

Marketing Technology Landscape supergraphic for 2015
Marketing Technology Landscape 2015

Every single year Scott Brinker publishes on the ChiefMarTech blog a supergraphic aiming at destilling the state of the marketing technology business. Now to a small surprise the list of vendors have grown to almost double in a year, which could be due to a better research, but I think it is more about the boom we can see in the number and scale of providers. There are some interesting and some controversial trends I can see, which I would like to share with you know :).

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Now the first thing which is very visible is the sheer number of providers who have made it into this year’s selection.

Marketing Technology Landscape 2014 vs 2015

This boom shows for me that technology driven marketing is still not matured and it is still in its growth phase before real consolidation start happening. Also I’m not seeing this overall trend to be slowing down as there are so many opportunities where technology can support marketing efforts that it is simply hard to imagine that there will be noone taping into those niches to test the waters. That is a question if these niches are big enough to scale and be profitable, so doubt starts to appear and growth might slow a bit, but I don’t think it will do so significantly in 2015.

Second is that in certain areas there actually is consolidation, or the effort of consolidation, showing. While controversial to the previous point it was expected to happen so there are not much surprises here. Seeing especially the marketing platform concept stabilizing and being solid actually means that the market started to really need some simplification and less clutter to go along marketing technology.

The other and last trend I would like to highligt is the rise of the marketing middle-ware. I believe this is also something emphasizing the market’s need for simplification and integration as more and more vendors are providing clear ways to collect, manage and utilize data what is becoming the heart of digital marketing these days. This is not to underestimate the importance of data warehousing or proper backbone infrastructure, but still an indication of the saying: “Sometimes less is actually more”.

In conclusion:

While the boom of providers will certainly continue (I believe) indications of simplification and centralization start to appear. I will be really curious to see next year how the industry will come about this challenge. Platforms are a good start, let’s see if they can mature.

Now I’m certain there are much more trends and observations to be made from this amazing chart, so I would love if you could help me uncoving them and letting me know about your opinion either here in the comments or on my contact page.

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