“One stop shop” digital dashboard – Dasheroo review

“One stop shop” digital dashboard – Dasheroo review

Talking of analytics or following KPIs you can never go really wrong with simplification. I myself love to track my most important metrics daily and there are services like Google or Twitter Analytics, Twitter Counter, MailChimp and other apps that help me track 1 or 2 of my most important KPIs. My only issue always was that I had to visit 5-6 different sites/applications to get the hang of what is actually happening. Until I have found Dasheroo, an online service enabling me to put all important metrics on a single dashboard.

Dasheroo as a service is still in beta, thus have a way to go (see on that below), but the direction they are heading is excellent. I like the notion that there should only be 1 site where I can get a hang of what is happening on the blog and concerned social media. I have put right here how my very simple dashboard looks. I will list out what I like and where the service can improve, in my humble opinion, but I generally recommend everybody to consolidate your tracking into one place, so that you can really see what impacts your key metrics and can see opportunities or red flags arising.

Dasheroo sample dashboard

So what do I like about Dasheroo?

  1. One page – Simple and good design to see everything through
  2. Flexible layout – you can discover for yourself how easy it is to resize the dashboard boxes and reorganize everything as you see fit. Though there are some reports/cards which hide the useful part of the contained information if you make them too small, but you still can easily experiment your way through.
  3. Major services are already there – Google Analytics, Adwords, Twitter, Facebook, Mailchimp and even LinkedIn to a limited extent are there. This is a good start as I see, these are the very basic services of any small business to use.
  4. Collaboration options – while I’m not using these a lot, a small team can really benefit from having all the comments and questions in the same place as the metrics.

But as it is in beta I would still love to see some improvement:

  1. More services – We have seen in the marketing technology landscape that there are tons of services out there. I’m not meaning that everything must be included, but there are certainly more options available
  2. A mobile app – I would love to have Dasheroo on my mobile or tablet. This is when it would become my real “one stop shop”, when I would not even need a browser

In conclusion

You should keep dashboards simple, possibly in one single place and Dasheroo could really support that when it comes to managing digital assets. Oh, and I forgot to mention: it is completely free now and no catches here (like extra ads or other indirect costs),To close it off, here you go with the video where the guys behind the service explain what they meant when creating Dasheroo.

Update: Dasheroo announced that it is closing business and shutting down it’s services by 15th of December, 2016.

2 thoughts on ““One stop shop” digital dashboard – Dasheroo review”

  • 1
    john hingley on April 13, 2015 Reply

    Thanks Akos for your review! Glad you like the ease of use, and overall focus on a single view of all your data, all in one place. For sure, we are adding more applications all the time; focusing on social media & email marketing, then CRM and more marketing apps into sales, customer support, project management and even accounting so we provide a holistic solution for all businesses. Plus we have some other cool stuff like goals & alerts coming soon. We’re launching on April 28, so stay tunes and please keep the feedback coming 🙂

    • 2
      Akos Szakaly on April 13, 2015 Reply

      Thanks John, looking forward to the upcoming features!

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