10 Excel tricks for every marketer [video]

10 Excel tricks for every marketer [video]

A post on the Hubspot Marketing blog brought to my attention a series of videos on the 10 excel tricks (or features) every marketer is supposed to know. While I do not consider all of them truly essential, at least it does start with my old time favourite: pivot tables. What I value most in these series is that you can get the same data and follow along, it is not an “in medias res” tutorial when someone works with random data, but something you can recreate. I want to highlight the most useful among the 10 and then you can go on and check them out all.

Excel loves pivot

With that in mind the first trick is using pivot tables. I really want to write more on how to use pivot tables, but suffice to say: if you are good at doing pivot tables you already have a great advantage in the job market.

Keep calm and VLOOKUP

VLOOKUP is a good old friend. I think this is the other trick on this list besides pivots which I find truly essential. The good thing in both tools is that it enables you to get insight from raw data and you do not need to rely on or wait for an analytics team to do basic calculations for you.

Conditional formatting

The last one I would really highlight is conditional formatting. Especially in newer versions of excel there are some pretty cool preset options to utilize and can help you a lot to support understanding of data. I found color scales and in cell bars to be the most useful for either getting insight out of a massive matrix or visually display a ranking.


To close off, I have embedded the video below. This one merges all 10 trick, but is not necesseraly the best quality ever. For great quality I suggest you start the video series on this link.

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