4 Inspiring data visualization sites

4 Inspiring data visualization sites

Data Visualization inspirationData visualization is a recurring topic. There is a lot of advice on the web, including this blog, which talks about what is recommended and what is not such a good idea when it comes to visualizing information. What we all agree upon though for sure that data visualization is a key topic whether in business or in any other field where analytics matter.

Sometimes we are just to stuck with rules, the dos and don’ts of visualization. We can get so stuck that we even paralyze ourselves. These are the times when inspiration comes very handy. Inc.com has published a list of 4 sites which I also consider great to check out, so go ahead and do so.

So what are the sources?

  1. Jorge Camoes’s blog is for people, like me, who work a lot with excel and consider it their primary visualization tool. Jorge offers tons of examples and many of them are eye opening, things “I didn’t think I could do that” type.
  2. Dr. Nathan Yau’s blog offers inspiration through projects actually delivered from multiple industries. There are “how to” tutorials available, mostly for data visualization in R, but they require a membership. This is though not to get you shy away from checking out some real world projects for sparking ideas.
  3. Juice Analytics is one of the many data-visualization consulting businesses. What got them on this list is their Chart Chooser, which has real world chart examples for both excel and powerpoint. They are not overly fancy, but many times the simpler is the better. Also most of their examples are from the healthcare industry, but that does not take anything from its value.
  4. Finally, Kantar’s 2014 Information Is Beautiful Awards site is nothing less then, well, beautiful. There truly are amazing visualizations all around this site. How to do many of them remains a mistery for me, but the approaches you can see here will really get your braing moving.

Finally, inspiration is all over the web, I would love if you could share with me in the comments where you find yours when it comes to data visualization. Thanks in advance!

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