7 essential Excel tricks [Infographic]

27. October 2015 Excel 0
7 essential Excel tricks [Infographic]

It is a returning topic for anyone working with data in marketing on how to become awesome in Excel. There are many collections of the key tricks and I have already shared some myself. Nevertheless many of them are really not touching those small tools which can become the tipping point in speading up your workflow or to help you impress your boss by getting across your message in a simple manner.

The latest infographic which I have bumped into though seems to really get it right. Though many trick require Excel 2013, though with the launch of Excel 2016 these are becoming more widespread so should not stop you from becoming an excel tricks master. VLOOKUP still sneaks up on this list, but old habits are hard to loose.

Without further comments I do recommend these excel tricks for you, go ahead and check out the infographic.


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