Twitter Analytics keeps improving

Twitter Analytics keeps improving

It’s been a while since I have written my post about the introduction to Twitter Analytics. Since then the people behind this dashboard have been busy and did a quite big overhaul of this still free service. Oh, and I’m not just talking visually, but there are a lot of new, pretty interesting features added there, so let’s look at it!

Dashboard page of Twitter Analytics

At the time of introduction the welcome page let to what we will see today as the “Tweets”. Since then there is an addition of an overview, sort of dashboard page.

On top you will see some sparklines of your key metrics for the last 28 days of Twitter activity. Once you scroll down you are able to capture some highlights for each month. This includes your best performing tweets and Twitter Cards, along with you “best” followers.

Twitter Analytics Dashboard

Tweets page – don’t change what works

OK, I’m not gonna spend too much on this one. The page is almost identical to the original introduction page of Twitter Analytics. As a matter of fact it serves as a more “numerical” driven overview of what is happening. In general I really like the approach of not changing what works well, but adding comprehensive features elsewhere to support better analytics.

Audience insights – going beyond number of followers

From my personal point of view the greatest improvement happened connected to the followers or audience analytics. The introduction of additional statistics besides follower count and country set up, plus the improved visualizations is very welcome.

Another awesome function added is the comparison option. You can compare your audience to the general Twitter population as an example. When it comes to marketing it is really a great way to see and understand your segment of followers especially that the benchmarking is focused on the lifestyle element of analytics, not the hardcore numeric demographic data. I think this option is really getting Twitter Analytics closer to the level of standard web analytics packages, so way to go 🙂

Twitter Analytics Audience

Twitter Cards

One more newer addition to the Twitter Analytics stack. Twitter cards have been introduced to help you drive engagement and click-through from your tweets. You have multiple options, types of cards to install, but as a special feature there is some dedicated analytics applied for them to show you how well they are pushing the above mentioned objectives.

Within this graph you can clearly separate the engagement driven by the cards you or others shared, plus you can see how different card types are driving conversion metrics. Benchmarking have been added here as well, which is something I very much welcome as it let’s me understand that I personally really need to do something with my cards to get out benefit from them.

Twitter Analytics Cards

Conclusion – keep exploring

There is a lot more to Twitter Analytics and I’m not only talking about the “Tools” menu which I did not disect here. The services is rapidly developing something into worth digesting and exploring for insights. It has left it’s roots of being merely just a dashboard and becoming a real analytics tool, thus it is worth some time to invest to uncover insights for yourself. I really hope this evolution will continue and if it does so, I will keep you updated!