New SQL course on Codeacademy

New SQL course on Codeacademy

SQL Course CodeacademySince I have published my latest collection on SQL resources for marketers has published a new SQL course and graduated the program from beta.

Back in July I have already mentioned why taking an SQL course is beneficial to any marketer:

  • Gaining independence from IT
  • Speed to analysis on basic inquiries significantly improves
  • When encountering a bigger analytical issue it becomes much easier to brief analysts if you understand the basic concepts behind the language they are applying

In general I love Codeacademy and have already taken quite a few topics with them. I honestly was missing though an SQL course from their palette, a gap they have recently filled.

The course follows the regular, interactive approach usually taken by Codeacademy. It is also worth mentioning, as something usual, that it is definitelly a beginner’s course. No surprise there, but if you want to study more advance topics like multi-table joins or sub-queries, you might be slightly disappointed.

Where it did provide some new insight for me as well is on manipulating existing tables in a database (update and alter commands). I’m more experienced when it comes to querying a database, not manipulating it, so this aspect could add to my skills (see learning objective #3 above).

There real benefit here is that people with no prior experience will be comfortable taking this SQL course. It takes you slowly, let’s you practice and has a logical flow. Things I always got from Codeacademy. If you feel like you are someone slightly afraid to submerge into the SQL world, this course should be you starting point.

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