7 cool Excel tricks to rock at work [Infographic]

06. March 2016 Excel 0
7 cool Excel tricks to rock at work [Infographic]

Do you ever wonder what extra skills you can apply in Excel to speed your work up? Do you ever get tired of always getting the same Excel tricks as advice, meaning actually some VLOOKUP? So do I. This is why I was happy to find a Hubspot blog post which actually shows you some not very common Excel tricks which I also believe could get you ahead.

Which ones do I believe would help you more than already posted Excel tricks? Besides the original infographic, here you go with my top picks from it.

  1. Forecasting: while listed as the last one here, I believe if you get the hang of forecasting functions you can really shine. I’m sure you also get questions like what sales will look like in a month or how do you think we will close this year based on the runrate so far. Imagine you can answer similar questions in less than half an hour. This is what Excel forecasting can do for you.
  2. Goal Seek: one forgotten cool function. Answer questions like how much inventory we need to get x% growth or how efficient a marketing campaign should be to get us to our targets. You will be able to give real answers to these questions in minutes, so that you can move a meeting forward without going back to your desks to “waste time” for analysis.
  3. Waterfall charts: while a default chart type in Excel 2016, as mentioned in the infographic below, you can create pretty cool ones in previous versions of Excel. I use this chart type quite often to describe how marketing campaigns contributed to revenue performance or how a set of actions will get us to a target. They can get complicated when you want to show some negative impact, but this is when they are at their best.

Without much of further explanation I suggest you go through on these excel tricks in the below infographic (originating from Microsoft Training).

Excel Tricks Infographic

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