Who does what in Data Science? [Infographic]

12. April 2016 Big Data 0
Who does what in Data Science? [Infographic]

Who does what in Data Science is confusing, but luckily there are resources to help you figure things out. Last time I shared the distinction between analytics and data science, this time there is a more detailed approach to data workers, originally pusblished on the the Datacamp Blog.

In this infographic we compare the roles of data scientists, data analysts, data architects, data engineers, statisticians and many more. We have a look at their roles within companies and the data science process, what technologies they have mastered, and what the typical skillset and mindset is for each role. – Datacamp

This infographic can really help you in focusing which skills you would like to develop depending on what part of the job fo data science you would like to take the most. Also a mention of salaries can help you clear expectations on where you would like to be heading.

Who does what in data science

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