AB test calculator Excel web app

AB test calculator Excel web app

A/B testing is one of the most common tecniques when it comes to optimizing marketing materials and funnels. I have also already written about 7 key points to make sure that you nail your tests.

This time though I thought of creating a “web application” to help you validate the results of your tests. This was an interesting project from two perspectives:

  1. Getting an ugly formula into a user friendly format
  2. Building it as a web application

The real challenge proved to be the second one. So let me talk a bit about that one.

Converting an excel file into a web application

Quite some time ago it came to my attention that you can embed online excel files which are stored and shared from your OneDrive folder. The basics are pretty straightforward and Microsoft does a better explanation on the step-by-step process than I do.

To put it simply:

  1. Create your excel, preferably offline in the full application to have access to all tools. Be careful though, as not everything is supported on the web version so you might loose functionality.
  2. Upload your file to your OneDrive account
  3. Right click and select embed as an option
  4. Scroll down to the end of the panel which shows up for more options
  5. Select from the available options
  6. Copy the embed code into your site
  7. You are good to go

There was one trick though: This method of embedding excel leaves a so called “Viewer Bar” which totally destroys the illusion of having a full fledged web application. A simple trick I found on My Online Training Hub proved useful here.

For this one though you need to touch a bit of Javascript as well, but I can assure you, it is as simple as finding one line and replacing it with a ready made code snippet available on the above site. Then you copy the full Javascript instead of the embed code into your website and you are done.

Here is the final AB test calculator


If you prefer to deal with calculations in excel offline you may download the original file. Though I consider that the most interesting part of this small project was getting it to work like a web application.

Download Excel version from here

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