Google Analytics Demo account available

Google Analytics Demo account available

It is great to get tutorials on topics like Google Analytics, but in reality I think it is better to be able to learn by doing. “Playing” with a live set up, with enough data, to see how it really works have been missing for me, and I guess for many others starting up their Google Analytics journey. This have changed with a recent announcement by Google, when they have made a demo account for Analytics available for everybody.

The demo account, and its data, is linked to the Google Merchandise Store, so through this demo account we have access to a live E-commerce implementation.

What can you do with it?

Based on the announcement from Google you will be able to access the following features:

  1. Access all the Standard reports to see which ones are useful to you
  2. Get inspiration from predefined dashboards and segments imported from the Solutions Gallery to create your own
  3. Alter reports by adding table filters and secondary dimensions, and by changing the report type
  4. Learn how to compare audience, acquisition, behavior and conversion performance to a previous date range period
  5. Create your own personal assets such as custom reports, annotations, shortcuts and custom alerts
  6. Become familiar with the predefined attribution models and even create your own
  7. Determine whether features you don’t haven’t implemented could be beneficial to you e.g. AdWords and Search Console integrations
  8. Use it as a companion when following a training course

You can actually play with how things are displayed, create dashboards and generally be able to understand how the myriads of options of Google Analytics come together. For example I have managed to understand how the Search Console is embedded and how I can make use of it. I’m certain there are more discoveries on the road, for everyone.

How to access it?

Depending on whether you are already a Google Analytics user you may need to set up an account. Besides that there are no complications. Simply by following this link you gain access to the publicly available views of the demo account.

If you want to read more into the setup I encourage you to visit the original help article.

Since it is easy to set up, I see no reason why not to try, so have fun playing!

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