Data visualization checklist – recommended resource

Data visualization checklist – recommended resource

Creating simple charts from complex data is difficult even if it does not look like at first. I mean, hey, who can not just drop together a chart in excel? But the key point is not the ease of creating it, but rather the ease of understanding it.

There are a lot of resources out there talking about how to create a chart. Do you want to tell a story? Do you want to display a lot of data at once? And I can go on and on about the potential questions popping up during creating even a simple data visualizations.

To make life easier there is a checklist though. It is created by Ann. K. Emery whose blog I love for delivering case studies. So not just advise, but actually tearing charts apart and redesigning them, so that you can really understand how beautiful charts can be created. Let’s be honest, using Excel built in charts is simple, but they are not the most beautiful, appealing and informative designs.

In one of the latest posts Ann published a reviewed Data Visualization checklist, which I would like to recommend to you. While 3 total pages of a checklist seems big at first, it is simple and easy to understand. I suggest you give it a try with some of your charts.

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