Hello and welcome 🙂

The marketing and the analytics communities are buzzing about big data, advanced analytics, predictions and statistical modeling these days.

But this is not what I want to talk about.

I believe that to harness the power of data, especially for marketing, there are ways much easier than what I listed above. I also believe that data driven marketing could be much more ahead if everyone would be just a tiny bit more skilled in analytics.

Every day I see how empowered marketers can get when they learn to forge their own story with data, how it speeds things up and how much more insight is actually getting used out of these analytical session than if you only face charts and figures on slide decks.

The most important part of getting analytics right is about commercializing insight, basically understanding data so that you can make money out of it. How can you do that? I think you don’t need much, but you are better off if you learn to ask the right questions through playing with data yourself.

Being able to dig through data is becoming a baseline requirement for marketers, and while this can feel and sound overwhelming, I’m here to show how much impact can be achieved with simple things.

So, if you feel any of the below situations familiar, than this site is for you:

  • you are constantly asked what drives results, but not always know how to go beyond the surficial KPIs
  • you keep waiting for an analyst or BI team to get basic data
  • once you get the needed figures you end up with more questions and need to wait for one more analyst iteration
  • you want to know how to do some basic A/B testing, but feels noone is around to help
  • and I can go on forever….

From this I’m sure you figured that you will be finding articles on Easy Marketing Math about:

  • discussing the need and value of analytics in today’s business
  • perspectives on how analytics can change the business
  • tips and tricks on getting better with data and analysis
  • how to run A/B or multivariate tests
  • tools you can use to make life easier
  • resources if you want to dig deeper
  • some snippets from how I’m trying to learn more

Coming to that point, it may be time I introduce myself:

I’m Akos Szakaly, a young marketing and analytics professional who is, well, passionate about showing you how easy it is to do the math in marketing.

I have had the luck to see marketing analytics at work both from an analyst’s perspective and also from the business, marketing side. With this I could develop my understanding on how simple tricks can make a big difference and how much more important it is to have everyone be able to do some basic analysis than to have the fanciest predictive models in place.

I encourage you to be curious and to try things out. Believe me, once you get the hang of it, its all gonna look easy.

And hey, I’m here to help you with that! So if you have anything in mind, let me know!